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The Beer Lovers’ Village is a new concept created by the Beer Lovers’ Marathon and open to everyone, with a free entrance BUT with a mandatory COVID SAFE TICKET !

All the money earned on the Beer Lovers’ Village will go to the people impacted by the heavy flood of mid July in Liège.

The Beer Lovers’ Village will offer you:

  • 32 beers from the breweries of the marathon (16 breweries, 2 beers each);
  • Quality food from our selected foodtrucks;
  • Good music during the entire event: bands and DJs are foreseen!



What is the entrance price?
Entrance is FREE ! 0 Eur! You are free to come and enjoy our brewers and music bands for free. The only conditions are -You cannot enter with your own drink (please show voluntarily the content of your backpack if you have one) -You need to have a valid COVID SAFE TICKET
A COVID SAFE TICKET is a proof that you are "negative" to COVID-19 and is materialized by a QR code. For EU CITIZEN it is the European Digital Certificate (for exemple: CoronaCheck in Holland). Our security crew will scan you QR code at the entrance gate.
What is a valid COVID SAFE TICKET?
In order to be valid, you need to show a QR Code that -A proof of full vaccination (2 weeks after last shot) -A negative PCR test of less than 48 hours (so you need to get tested on FRIDAY 27 Aug) -An negative antigen test of less than 24 hours -A proof of recovery (it means that you have had a POSITIVE PRC test at least 10 days ago and max 3 month ago, and that you are fine now)
Where can I get a test?
-PCR tests are possible in front of the Guillemin Train station. But you will need 24 hours to have your result. You can only enter once you have the results. -The closest antigen tests are done at Pharmacie des Franchises - Place des Franchises 3. Call them before to make an appointment +32 4 252.12.87
How to pay my drinks at the Beer Lovers' Village?
The bar of the Beer Lovers' Village work with TOKENS. 1 token = 3Euros = 25cl of any beer of the bar. Tokens are not refund
How to get a Glass?
The first time you order a beer, we will ask you 1 token more for the Glass. The glass is reusable during all the days of the Beer Lovers' Village. When you return you glass, you will get a can of 33cl of special beer to go home! We don't refund you 3Euros
There are several toilets at your disposal. They are FREE and CLEAN At the Beer Lovers' Village we are against paid and dirty toilets! One person will be in charge of keeping them clean. Please, respect those efforts.
Will there be food on the Beer Lovers' Village?
We have selected 2 food trucks for you. One is specialized in burgers and frites, the other in Pasta. Enjoy their food
Are there Soft drinks on the Beer Lovers' Village?
Free and unlimited water is at your disposal in self service Softs will be sold by the foodtrucks.


The Beer Lovers’ Village will be located in front of the fabulous “Gare des Guillemins” and next to the Marathon Area.