Beer Lovers' Marathon 2021 - Details

Online Registration is closed, but we will reopen registration over the weekend. So you will be able to register and taste some beers on the Beer Village on Saturday from 2pm to 6pm on and Sunday from 8am to 9am. Try to do it on Saturday so we are not too stressed and have time to drink one together!

Important info to know are:

Starting time of the race is 9am on Sunday. We will create waves of 200 People. You can choose the wave you want to join. We don’t give you a wave number. You choose (like the “Ryanair seating” ). So don’t worry, you will be with your friends etc.

The Beer Lovers’ Village is open from Friday to Sunday and is accessible to everyone, runners, non runners, kids, familly etc. There will be live music and food truck (full program here). All the profit made on the village will go to the victims of the flood. So please come with friends and thirsty!

Entrance to the race and village is under the Covid Safe Ticket. This means you need to have a full vaccination OR a negative PCR test of 48 hours, OR a negative Antigen test of 24hours OR a recovery roof (see here for the total info). We can read all QR codes of all European apps (CovPass, CoronaCheck-app, etc)

BIB Withdrawal are on Saturday from 2pm to 6pm and Sunday 8 am to 9 am at Beer Lovers’ Village in front of the train station Guillemin. Try to do it on Saturday so we are not too stressed and have time to drink one together!

You will receive your UNIQUE GLASS with your BIB. You will have to carry with it you the entire race. You will receive a belt and an elastic system that allows you to run with it in full comfort. But we will NOT give you plastic cups during the race. This saves 20.000 plastics cups this year!

Reach the Beer Lovers’ Village and Marathon can be done by train (Liege Guillemin), by car (1400 paid parking lots at less than 100m), taxi (taxi next to the station) bike (there is a bike garage), public transport.

Baggage drop off are available on Sunday from 8 am to 5pm. Clothes / Bags not collected will be given to a cause.

Showers are warm and available on Sunday after the race. Enjoy them!

Massage will be done by physiotherapist after the race to help your tired legs!

After all this time, we are really happy to see you all again! and make a HUGE PARTY with you!!!

Looking forward!


Registration and Payment :

  • I did not receive an email after completing the online registration form ?

A confirmation email (order receipt) is sent as soon as the online registration form is properly completed. It may happen that the email is sitting in your SPAM mailbox. If this is not the case, you can contact us on our email address: and we will verify that you entered the correct email address in the registration form.

  • Can I pay by cheque?


Chèques are no longer accepted in Belgium.


  • Are there « standard » pit stops?

In addition to water that is available at each stop, we will also provide food (bananes, oranges, …) every two stops.

  • Are there other distances than the marathon ?


One of the main objectives is to motivate runners that love to run to go for the mythic distance of an entire marathon. Some good training combined with the entertainment along the way, should allow you to run this race within the maximum time limit of 6 hours 30.

  • Can I be followed by a friend on a bicycle (or similar)?


For security reasons, we do not accept other people than the marathon runners on the race.


  • Do I need to submit a medical certificate?

No, this is not compulsory in Belgium.

However, we do recommend all runners to go for a medical check-up while preparing for this race.

  • Where can I sleep ?

Hotels :

Many hotels are located in the area of the Train station Guillemlin (marathon start/finish).

Acteurs (les) ( ** )Rue des Urbanistes, 10+32 4 223 00 80http://www.lesacteurs.be50 € to 74 €
Auberge de jeunesse ( )Rue Georges Simenon, 2+32 4 344 56 89http://www.lesaubergesdejeunesse.be32 € to 82 €
Crowne Plaza ( ***** )Rue Mont-Saint-Martin, 9+32 4 222 94 94http://www.crowneplazaliege.be109 € to 290 €
Hors-château ( *** )Impasse des Drapiers, 2+32 4 250 60 68http://www.hors-chateau.be78 € to 95 €
Ibis Liège Centre Opéra ( *** )Place de la République-Française, 41+32 4 230 33 33http://www.ibishotel.com79 € to 169 €
Neuvice ( *** )En Neuvice, 45+32 4 375 97 40http://www.hotelneuvice.be95 € to 150 €
Pentahotel ( **** )Boulevard de la Sauvenière, 100+32 4 221 77 11 € to 170 €


For groups of 4 or more people, the following smartflat website recommends a long list of appartments are attractive prices :

Another alternative is to use the airbnb website that offers a wide range of accomodation options in Liège :–Belgique?s_tag=Ak3zz9P-

  • Where can I park my Motorhome/CampingCar :

The « quai de Wallonie » which is located at 2.5 km away from the Place Saint-lambert is the nearest area to park your Motorhome for free.

  • What do you suggest to visit in Liège ?

For all questions regarding the activities and highlights of the city of Liège, you can directly contact the Tourism information center which is a key partner of the marathon :

  • I would love to register as a volunteer or would like to partner with you for other services, what do I need to do ?


Please contact us via email and we will come back to you as soon as we can :