Next Beer Lovers’ Marathon planned on the 29th of August 2021

Dear Runners,

Here is the last information about the Beer Lovers’ Marathon 2021 before the end of the 100% refund period (on July 31th).

1)      IMPACT OF THE FLOOD ON THE RACE –> 2 rounds of 21 km

As you might have seen on television, the region of Liège has been terribly impacted by the flood two weeks ago. Many people have lost everything in their house and some event more! With the authorities we decided to avoid running in those areas as 1-some roads are not fit for running 2-partying in those areas is not appropriate. The impact is that we will run 2 rounds of 21 km! The good thing is that it means we concentrate all animations on 21km! So it will be even more intense! Exact track soon available on our website)


Belgium has put in place a “Covid Safe Ticket”. It means that event can happen WITHOUT ANY SOCIAL DISTANCING OR MEASURES under the condition that all participants have;

  •         A proof of full vaccination (2 weeks after last shot)
  •         A negative PCR test of less than 48 hours (so you need to get tested on FRIDAY 27 Aug) ONLY PCR are valid, self-made tests of antigen test are not valid
  •         A proof of recovery (it means that you have had a POSITIVE PRC test at least 10 days ago and max 3 month ago, and that you are fine now)

This means you will need to show one of the 3 to enter the site and get your BIB. This is also tru for the people who want to come to the festival only. ALL PEOPLE ABOVE 12 years old need to comply! In case of changes we will inform you ASAP.

We are very happy about this situation! It means we will be able to dance, to hug, to party! Like in 2019!!


To further help the people who lost everything, we have decided to

  •         Add a 21km run. Those runners will only make 1 round of the track in a time limit of 3hrs. 5eur par runner will go the first aid fund. It’s time to motivate friends who cannot run a 42km to discover our atmosphere!
  •         Fund raising festival. We are preparing the Beer Lovers’ Village with concerts, foodtruck and… a big big big bar! 😊 Absolutely all the money raised will go the first aid fund. So please, come with your thirsty friends and help them!

If you want to unsubscribe for the marathon and get a full refund of your ticket, please send an email to BEFORE July 31st midnight.

We hope to see all of you on the starting line of the marathon and many others on the 21km! The edition will be special but fantastic!

See you soon.

The ultra-motivated team of the Beer Lovers’ Marathon.


As promised the registration are opened as of now !!! this year registration will be done via the Time2Race platform by following this link. You’ll have to create your profile, register to the Beer Lovers’ Marathon event and select your tickets (Marathon, Pasta Party and Guided tour).

Message of 29/06/2021, still in a Covid-19 context

Dear Beer Lovers’,

It’s already the end of June and time to give you an update about the organisation of the Beer Lovers’ Marathon 2021.

We are happy to inform you that outside events up to 5000 people are allowed in Belgium as of July 1st. This means that THE MARATHON WILL TAKE PLACE in LIEGE on AUGUST 29th.

The government will announce new softenings of the measures on July 19th. We will share you another update on July 27th with (we hope) the definitive information about this years edition.

In the meanwhile, we decided the following:

  • The 100% refund policy is extended until the 31th of JULY. You can cancel your registration until that day with a full refund of your ticket! (just send us an email at
  • To welcome you and your friends in the best way, we have decided to limit the marathon to 1500 runners. This means there are only 600 entries left! (and 200 pasta)

Other good news are:

  • We are finalizing the track. It will be different from last year. So something new to discover for the people who have attended all editions!
  • We are partnering with a Circus School to make you live the circus life during the full weekend with live performance.
  • 16 brewers will be on the track and also on our first BEER LOVERS’ VILLAGE to help you and your friends stay hydrated with quality.
  • Foodtruck will also be there to help you carb load
  • Live bands will be present the full weekend to entertain you all day!

Updated calendar:

A few more details:

– On July 27, we will communicate to all runners the details of the 2021 edition of the BLM, depending on the covid measures by then.

– Until July 31st included, all cancellations (for whatever reason) will be accepted and 100% refunded (excluding transaction costs);

– From August 1st onwards, registered runners will not be able to unregister or be refunded at their request. In case the marathon itself is cancelled, we will refund you as much as possible, depending on the costs already incurred.

Please rest assured that we will do our best to make sure that the Beer Lovers’ Marathon will be as good as possible!

Until then, keep training and keep our local brewers alive.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Thank you for your trust and support.

The BLM team


The Beer Lovers’ Marathon (Liege / Belgium) is a running race of 42.195 km, limited to a maximum time of 6.30 hours. This race is mainly meant to be fun, festive, and accessible to a motivated athlete. Preferably we even see you disguised: for more details see our theme.

In addition to the usual water and food supply every 5 km, all runners can discover and taste 16 different Belgian beers along the way (without any obligation of course).

Each stop is accompanied by musical animation (bands, percussionists, DJs, …) to guarantee an unforgettable atmosphere / experience and keep the marathon runners motivated throughout their effort!

Theme 2021: Circus

Good cause (1 EUR/registration): Les avions de Sébastien

Registrations for the 2021 edition are open


The 2021 Beer Lovers’ Marathon edition is planned for the weekend of 28-29th of August 2021.

All details about this edition will be communicated by end July … depending on the evolution of the covid measures by then.

Thank you for your comprehension.


How to run the BLM2019


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